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Information, advice and guidance includes:

  • The provision of accurate, up-to-date and objective information on opportunities, progression routes, and choices, where to find help and advice, and how to access it
  • The provision of advice through activities that help young people and adults to gather, understand and interpret information and apply it to their own situation
  • The provision of impartial guidance and specialist support to help young people and adults understand themselves and their needs, confront barriers, resolve conflicts, develop new perspectives and make progress.
  • Support for curriculum development
  • Support for skills and employment opportunities development

Learner IAG

All of our service users receive initial & ongoing IAG, in the following areas

  • Choice of program
  • Referral service to college and Universities if you wish to undertake further or Higher level courses – we refer our learners if they wish to progress onto further courses as well as help them with the application process to a number of colleges and universities in the area
  • 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring service
  • Help with ‘UCAS’ application system
  • Support for writing statements for Higher education applications
  • Referral service to employers in specific industry sectors i.e. Restaurants, Retail, Youth Clubs and Care homes- we have very close links with a number of employers in the specified industry sectors and are able to help our learners gain sustainable employment on completion of their qualification.
  • Signpost students to other agencies in circumstances we are unable to help them.

Experienced and qualified teachers will support learners with literacy and numeracy and some support can be provided with dyslexia and dyspraxia

  • We help with CV’S , Interview techniques, Job applications, goal setting , skills for work such as financial literacy, communication skills and other skills that are relevant in order to succeed in the work place
  • Additional support teams assist with exam preparation, provide 1-to-1 coaching, extra timetabled sessions & peer support networks are encouraged

The vast majority of our learners progress into permanent employment – our October 2016 data indicated that 65% of our learners are still in employment.


arrow65% of our learners are still in employment & have received a higher pay
arrow15% of our learners have progressed into Higher education
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