Employer IAG

We provide employer with information and guidance in the following areas

  1. Benefits of Apprenticeships to the Business
  2. Advice around Recruitment and selection of Apprentices
  3. Advice around Apprentice pay and other contractual obligations
  4. Advice around Apprentice support within their organisation
  5. Identifying departments in which they need Apprentices who can add value to the Business
  6. Support with the Apprenticeship levy and any other changes in the sector
  7. Current staff training identification and delivery


Employer support and Training needs Analysis:

If you are a small or large Business we are happy to come & talk to you about how you can make Apprenticeships and work force training a successful part of your HR strategy. We believe all the employers are our partners and use a collaborative approach in ensuring we identify any training needs and provide tailored solutions to suit the employer objectives.

Based on our recent survey


75% of our employers we work with strongly agree that we communicate well with them to ensure there are good links between the training employees receive at work and with the provider
100% of our employers we with strongly agree that we works well with their organisation to review individual employees progress and to plan their future training needs taking into account the objectives and outcomes the employer expects.
100% of our employers we work with agree that we have ensured that the training is up to date and relevant so that employees develop a broad understanding and knowledge of their chosen career.
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