Complaints Policy

Skill-Serve Training Ltd strives for excellence in the services it offers. However it accepts that on occasions individuals will feel the need to complain. Skill-Serve Training Ltd will ensure that a set of procedures exists to deal speedily with such complaints in a fair and equitable manner.

The intention behind the Complaints Policy and Procedures is to:

  • Improve the service it provides to learners, employers, staff members and the broader local community.
  • Clarify for staff, employers and learners the procedures for handling complaints
  • Ensure and encourage that the procedures are sensitive to issues of confidential.
  • Encourage clients to seek means of resolving problems without further or more formal procedures.
  • Provide where appropriate means of recording both the nature of complaints and the effectiveness of their resolutions
  • Encourage a regular process of monitoring and reviewing records within the quality assurance framework.
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