You might be interested in training as a Teaching Assistant but unsure whether it’s right for you. We asked some of our students what attracted them to working in a school and what they think the best things are about being a TA. Here’s what they said.

Being a TA is good for family life: Most Teaching Assistants only work during term times and during normal school hours. Family friendly hours and holidays mean you get to spend time with your children. You also don’t end up spending a fortune on childcare after school and during the holidays.

You feel like you make a real difference: Teaching Assistants often help individual pupils with special educational needs (SEN) or pupils who need support with specific learning difficulties. TAs work with the class teacher to set goals and often develop a very close relationship with their pupils. Watching them meet those goals, however big or small, can be incredibly rewarding.

You build confidence quickly: Life in a school is very busy and you will develop your skills very quickly. Before you know it, you will be doing things you never imagined possible, from classroom management to taking part in team meetings to work out the best way to help a child with behavioural or learning issues.

Variety: no two days are ever the same in teaching. You will get to try out and develop many different skills and are unlikely to ever get bored. People who are creative often enjoy being a TA although you can work with many different pupils in many different types of schools. You need to be able to adapt and handle the unexpected!

Career progression: Training as a TA is sometimes just the first step on the road to a career in teaching. It’s very common to take the Level 2 Support Work in Schools then progress onto Level 3. From there you are eligible to apply to be a Higher Level TA (HLTA) and then can look at teacher training. The more responsibility you take on, the higher your pay!

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